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02 09 2018

Sun, 02 Sep 2018

thoughts on server hosting and vpss

So last year when i origionally bought I wanted to relearn some of my admin skills part of which was buying and getting a vps to play with. We had seen something of scaleway's offers they had at one time of  $3/month for a nice little arm server with a decent amount of disk and ram. I was also looking at as well as that's where chris's domain has been hosted for many years.


Itried scaleway for a while and hated it too many accessibility problems on their site for 1 thing and many other things i hated about them.  I ended up going with and sticking with prgmr for many reasons the setup  was nice getting  voidlinux set up on it was easy for chris to do. having an out-of-band console via ssh is absolutely wonderful and the support and staff is incredibley wonderful to deal with. So, there is my recommendation so to speak. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about prgmr and well scaleway....the accessibility nightmare of the centurey and other bad things.



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