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03 09 2018

Mon, 03 Sep 2018

the new talking arch (tarch)

for many reasons that have come up in the last couple days mike and i decided to just fork talking arch. I'd rather not drag frustration and politics into a project I want to help start and we decided that since we want to add quite a few new features to talking arch as well as try and  keep a generic talking arch livecd for those who just want straight talking arch.

And so we're forking it. we've decided to do several things i'll mention below all of which we think will help those who need a standard talking arch livecd that talks but we want to create a special livecd with several things.

*we want to create 2 sets of livecds 1 which uses fenrir the new screenreader and 1 which uses speakup.

*in the long run we will probably have to move to fenrir but that's quite a ways off i suspect.

*we want to create a livecd with many admin and rescue tools that  will assist those blind folks who  are system admins who need those features.

*We also want to add support to that same livecd to include other installers  so that say a user who needs a talking livecd but debian isn't talking,  the user can use that admin type livecd to install debian voidlinux arch you get the idea.

We are greatly looking forward  to getting this project moving and hope that those who may use it will enjoy it. I'll announce further things as we get things rolling. I suspect however the first step is to bring the generic livecd current so people dont have a livecd that's a year old or more.

Stay tuned!

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