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21 12 2018

Fri, 21 Dec 2018

kj7cmd: ham radio call sign etc

So i finally managed to get my ham radio license in november after several years of wanting to do it but not having the patience or ability to really study well. I was talking to an old roommate and she told me about hamtestonline. Apparrently hamtestonline is a really great way for studying for your ham radio exams as i had call to find out. You are allowed to miss 9 questions on the technission exam, I managed to only miss 5!

Next goal is to get my general license. I've already paid for the course just need to actually do the work. Hopefully i'd say by march at the latest i'll have my general license.

I'm not sure if i'll get my extra license or not. I will probably do it just to say i did it, however it's not really a priority. Most of the ham bands can be gotten with your technission and general licenses at this point chris told me that getting that one is more to say you've done the work then anything else.

I wonder how in the world we can run an HF antenna in an!

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tarch (the new talking arch)

I have no real idea what's going to happen with this project at this point even if it's going to actually move forward. Currently I'd consider this project up in the air and a giant question mark weather it's going to move forward. I got nailed with medical things so we'll see what happens.

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